Santa Fe Auto Insurance Company, In Receivership





We have discovered several internet and e-mail scams involving a variety of offers, including the chance to earn money for driving with auto wrap advertising, driving jobs, modeling jobs, equipment sales, Scentsy consultant orders, and the like.  If you respond to the internet ad or e-mail, the scammer will offer to send you a check via Fed Ex or other courier service, and instruct you to deposit it into your bank account, keep a portion of the funds, and wire the remainder to another party for various expenses or services.  The checks issued do not come from the name used by the scammer.  Instead, the checks look as if they were issued by Santa Fe Auto Insurance Company, in Receivership, but they are FRAUDULENT. 

If you have been solicited for one of these scams and have received a check, please DO NOT CASH THE CHECK.  IT IS A FRAUD AND WILL NOT BE HONORED.  Any funds you send to the scammer from your account will be lost and will NOT be reimbursed.  We encourage you to contact your local law enforcement authorities, the FBI, or the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

You may send copies of the correspondence and checks to the SDR at the address listed on the home page of this site, but you will need to provide the authorities with copies of all correspondence and checks as well.

If you are in possession of a check from Santa Fe Auto Insurance Company, in Receivership, and are not certain if it is valid, please call or e-mail the SDR at the numbers listed on the home page of this site. 

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